Why do facilities work with Infinity?

Skilled Nursing Facilities want to work with our consultants and management to receive Infinity's hands-on approach known as "Leading by Example". We work with the administration of the facility to help them foster good employee relationships, and maintain a qualified and attentive staff. Our goal is to help our facility-clients afford prospective residents a choice of facilities that we would feel comfortable putting our own family in. With our help, these facilities provide a tremendous range of medical, rehabilitation and mental health services that can accommodate any prospective resident's needs. In providing consulting to numerous facilities which have their own independent specialized units and services, Infinity-consulted accommodations can be afforded for practically any prospective resident.

Exceptional Sales/Marketing Training

Infinity provides its consulting facilities with ongoing tools and training necessary to not only increase census, but to create a positive, overall customer experience.


The following testimonials provide a glimpse into the broad range of expertise Infinity consultants can deliver to clients in helping them achieve greater success, at every level, to their residents.

"Infinity Healthcare Management provides consulting support the way it was meant to be - organizational goals ahead of personal career ambitions. Under their guidance, I've experienced consulting services that not only embrace the culture and history of the organization, but also recognizes and encourages consistent professional growth."
Administrator, Southpoint Nursing & Rehabilitation
Chicago, Illinois

"The Waters of Roan Highlands is honored to work alongside Infinity Healthcare Management to ensure that we are always at the forefront of skilled nursing and long-term care. They provide our facility with a knowledge base of experienced industry savvy professionals who ensure that our facility has the best resources available 24/7. The expertise their team brings to our daily operations is second-to-none."
Administrator, The Waters of Roan Highlands
Roan Mountain, Tennessee

"I am truly grateful for the support and knowledge I receive when I call on my Infinity Healthcare Consultants. Everyone is quick to assist whenever needed, and provide a wonderful oversight to ensure we are compliant with regulations and industry standards. I've never worked with a more supportive group of people!"
Administrator, The Waters of Muncie
Muncie, Indiana

Our Mission
Our mission is to continue to excel in the provision of consulting services to healthcare facilities to enable them to provide passionate, quality care focusing on the particular needs and expectations of residents and their families. We are dedicated to helping the facilities we consult with foster a healthy environment that promotes confident communication, honor and collaboration between the resident, their family and the healthcare team.